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Support Matrix

RabbitVCS supports the following systems, clients and versions. Support for new systems, clients and versions is taken as read… please send patches for review!

Version control systems

VCS Subversion Git Mercurial Others
Shortname svn git hg Patches welcome! [1]
Version 1.8.x 2.1.x 2.8.x (stalled) [2] -
Binding [3] python-svn Dulwich N/A [4] -
Version 1.7.2+ 0.9.7+ - -

[1] Clients already exist for some other systems, see the alternatives list below.

[2] Patches for improving Mercurial support are welcome! Including making this feature optional.

[3] This is the Python library used to bind to the client. Note that the library name is used, not the OS package name. On Debian-derived systems, these package names usually start “python-” and may therefore appear to be different or reversed (frex, `python-dulwich` is the package name for the Dulwich library, `python-nemo` is the package name for the `nemo-python` library).

[4] Mercurial is written in Python. No binding library required.

File managers

Desktop Cinnamon Gnome Mac OS X MATE Unity Xfce Others
File manager Nemo [5] Nautilus Finder Caja Nautilus Thunar Patches welcome!
Version 2.2.x 3.x - Stalled [6] 3.x 1.6.x -
Binding nemo-python nautilus-python - caja-python nautilus-python thunarx-python -
Version 2.0+ 1.0+ - - 1.0+ 0.2.0+ -

[5] Nemo is a fork of Nautilus 3.4. RabbitVCS integration is available from Linux Mint.

[6] Caja is a fork of Nautilus 2.x. Theoretically supportable based on prior support for Nautilus 2.x. Client code already in repo. See issue 51 for current issues.

Other clients

Name Gedit Gedit Others
Type Text editor Text editor Patches welcome!
Version 3.0 - 3.7 3.8+ (stalled) [7] -
Binding - - -
Version - - -

[7] Support for Gedit 3.x is currently stalled because Gedit 3.8+ support requires porting RabbitVCS to Python 3. This would require significant effort. Patches welcome!

No longer supported

Client Nautilus Gedit
Version 2.x 2.x
Supported until ~0.15 ~0.15


Client alternatives to RabbitVCS (must be active projects and provide add/commit/push functionality, not just commit history).

bzr GUI Bazaar Explorer
hg GUI TortoiseHg
hg + Nautilus TortoiseHg

Defunct alternatives

These client alternatives are no longer available / no longer maintained.

bzr + Nautilus bzr-gtk