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Please do not leave issues or questions here! We rarely check the wiki comments for activity. Instead, please use our issue tracker or send an email to the RabbitVCS user mailing list.

Diagnostics and Bug Reporting

Here are some tips for tracking down problems in RabbitVCS. They're good to try for every sort of problem, from complete failure to work at all through to problems with the GUI.

Please remember to search the issues before reporting new bugs.

Try This First!

Here are some possible easy fixes to common problems. That's not to say they aren't bugs — if you installed from a package and still had to do any of the following, we'd like to know about it.

  1. Run gtk-update-icon-cache --quiet /usr/share/icons/hicolor. You might have to change the /usr/share prefix depending on your distro, but it's unlikely.
  2. Try logging out and back in. Depending on your distro or method of installation, there may be triggers that did not run or files that were not detected properly.
  3. Make sure that the directory ~/.config/rabbitvcs is owned by, and writeable for, your username. If it isn't, delete it and run nautilus again (NOT as root/via sudo!). If it's still not writeable by you, use chown -R $USER:$USER ~/.config/rabbitvcs to fix it and please report the problem.

Useful Info

How to gather information that makes it easier for the developers to identify the problem:

  1. See if you can reliably repeat the problem (especially if it's a problem with the GUI).
  2. Set the logging level to “debug” and the output to “file”. If you can't use the GUI to access the settings dialog, add or edit these lines in ~/.config/rabbitvcs/settings.conf:
        type = File
        level = Debug
  3. The application log is in ~/.config/rabbitvcs/RabbitVCS.log. Once you can reproduce the bug, delete this before triggering it again, so that it's the only thing in the log.
  4. Log out and back in again (this will clear the X error log)
  5. Trigger the bug
  6. Look in ~/.xsession-errors for any Python tracebacks (lines beginning Traceback) or messages from Nautilus
  7. Look in the RabbitVCS log for any error messages or useful information

Remember, if you post log files to our issue tracker, check that there is no sensitive personal info in them first!

We also need the following information:

  • Distribution, including version (eg. Ubuntu Jaunty, Fedora 12, etc)
  • Version of Python, Nautilus, PySVN (python-svn in Debian/Ubuntu), Subversion and Nautilus/Python bindings (python-nautilus in Debian/Ubuntu)
  • Localisation can sometimes cause problems. Please use echo $LANG and echo $LANGUAGE to identify your environment's locale setting, and tell us what locale and language you're using.

If the bug is hard to reproduce, try to think about what the factors might be, eg.

  • non-ASCII characters
  • size/depth of working copy
  • how long has Nautilus been running