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Who's who The who's who of RabbitVCS
Roadmap The future of RabbitVCS
Development blog The development blog
Mailing list The mailing list for RabbitVCS
IRC Channel #rabbitvcs at chat.freenode.net

End-user documentation

Screenshots Screenshots of RabbitVCS hard at work
Download Installation instructions
Known issues Known issues with the latest release
Diagnosing problems Some useful diagnostics when reporting issues
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Contributing Tips for contributors
Translating A guide for contributing translations to the RabbitVCS project


Coding style Introduction to the style we use for our code.
Architecture Describes the architecture of RabbitVCS
Development installation Installing RabbitVCS from Git
OSX installation Installing RabbitVCS on Mac OS X
Future Brainstorming on future releases
Packaging Describes how RabbitVCS is packaged for several distributions
Code sprints Used to scribble down notes when doing sprints

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