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Minimum Requirements

Here is a basic set of dependencies that you will need to install before you can install RabbitVCS. The actual package names are different for each distribution, for comparison we've listed the package names for Ubuntu in the table below.

Program Ubuntu package Description Version
nautilus-python python-nautilus Python binding for Nautilus >= 0.5.0
PyGTK python-gtk2 Python bindings for the GTK+ widget set >= 2.12.1
GObject python-gobject Python bindings for the GObject library >= 2.14.1
PySVN python-svn Alternative Python interface to Subversion >= 1.5.2
ConfigObj python-configobj Simple but powerful config file reader and writer for Python >= 4.4.0
Dbus Python dbus-python Python bindings for dbus >= 0.80
python-dulwich python-dulwich Python implementation of the git protocol >= 0.6
Subversion subversion A version control system >= 1.4.6
Meld meld A graphical tool to diff and merge files >= 1.1.2


  • Support for submenus in the context menu for Nautilus was added to the Python bindings (nautilus-python) in 0.5.0.
  • To run trunk, you also need python-simplejson. (as of May 2010)