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Nautilus Extension API Problems

No real support for async activity. Take update_file_info - if you return OPERATION_IN_PROGRESS, Nautilus will wait until the callback is invoked before processing the next one. You can't get the whole list, do the stuff in the background, and return results one by one. Once you invoke the callback, there is absolutely no way to know when the Nautilus window is closed. It will tell you to cancel something if it's waiting for a result, but not if you've already given it one.

You can't update things unless you keep a hold of EVERY FileInfo item it gives you. These are not serialisable, so your memory usage is rooted. Because Nautilus won't tell you when it doesn't need them any more, you can't discard them when they're not needed.

Background menu updating is far too coarse. It goes like this:

  1. Nautilus requests background items for a single directory
  2. We give it a “Please wait” item to display
  3. We compute the result
  4. We use the provider handle to emit the “items-updated” signal
  5. Nautilus re-requests the menu for every single open window! What. The. What.

So this means we need to keep the information for every single directory opened by Nautilus for the current session!