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In 2008, I decided to create my own version of a boggle-type game modeled after the late Tangleword that featured awesome multiplayer action and a sophisticated rating system, and that game became Serpentine (quick shout out to my Dad for coming up with the name). People have been playing ever since!

Running Serpentine has become my long term hobby and I get a lot of pleasure from seeing how much everyone is enjoying it, but it does require time and money_to keep the servers up and running, making sure everyone can play, and ongoing programming work to make improvements to the site. The way I cover the costs is through a combination of banner ads and Premium Accounts. For people who have come to see Serpentine as a home away from home, a Premium Account is a great way to support me and the game over time and to help you stay in touch with the friends you've made while playing Serpentine. Here are the additional features Premium Account members will enjoy:

Keep in touch with friends
You'll be able to add friends and see what they're up to. When you log in, you can see which boards your friends are on and join their fun!

Make your own custom game rooms
You can decide exactly which ruleset you want to play with, and invite your friends to play with you!

Whisper chat to friends
You can have conversations with friends no matter what part of the site they're on!

Invite friends to play
Invite friends to join you in whatever game board you're playing.

Completely Ad-Free

Only free players will see advertisements. By supporting the site with a Premium Account, your Serpentine experience will be completely ad-free.

For the price of a nice cup of coffee, you can help support this wonderful game! Memberships can be canceled at any time through your paypal account or by emailing me any time.

Note: I've been having some issues with accounts getting automatically upgraded after payment. Right now it is a manual process expect to see your account upgraded within 24 hours (generally it is within an hour or two). Hopefully soon I can switch to a new payment provider that works a little better and make this process smoother. If you've purchased the upgrade and haven't seen a change in a day, please email me and I'll try to take care of it as soon as possible.

Please log in before you upgrade.